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TOSHIBA Laptop AC Adapter.

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How to Choose the Correct TOSHIBA Laptop AC Adapter?
The first thing to consider for the laptop adapter is the voltage. The easiest way to check this is to turn your original TOSHIBA laptop adapter over and see if there is a voltage listed anywhere on the bottom of the TOSHIBA machine. A sticker may be affixed with this information and other similar TOSHIBA laptop specs listed. It should be a number with a V attached to it, such as 18.5V, 19V, 20V and so on. This information is also available on the original adapter, if it is available.

The second thing to look for is the adapter current output needed for the laptop adapter. This number will have an A of mA associated with it. For example, it may say something like 1.58A, 2.1A, 3.42A, 3.5A, 4.74A or 950mA. These numbers ensure that the power going to your machine will be acceptable and keep it operating within normal parameters. Not paying attention to either of these numbers could cause the electrical systems in the computer to malfunction and quit working altogether.

Once these two issues have been settled, the other important step is simply to make sure the connection fits the port in your computer where it is to be plugged in. The voltage and output current of the laptop adapter will not matter if it is not able to be connected. If ordering online or if you do not have your TOSHIBA computer, it is advisable to check this out as soon as possible.

Many may choose the safest route possible and go with a replacement laptop adapter directly from the manufacturer, if available. While this is a good option, these parts may be more expensive than others that may be available from after-market manufacturers. Further, as long as the numbers match, all should work nearly the same and be just as safe and effective.

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Congratulations! F***l From Darwin Australia Ordered 609919-001 HP 19V 7.89A Laptop AC Aapter, 150W HP19V7.89A150W-7.4x5.0mm successfully with price Au$50.92--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! P***d From Longreach Australia Ordered Genuine LG 19V 1.3A ADS-40SG ADS-40FSG-19 ADS-40SG-19-3 19032G EAY62549201 EAY62549304 EAY62768606 EAY62648702 LCAP21 power supply AC Adapter successfully with price Au$39.79--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! N***i From THE ROCKS Australia Ordered ADS-40SG-19-3 LG 19V 1.7A Laptop AC Aapter, 32W LG19V1.7A32W-6.5x4.0mm successfully with price Au$26.33--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! S***k From Brisbane Australia Ordered PA-1400-24 SAMSUNG 19V 2.1A Laptop AC Aapter, 40W SAMSUNG19V2.1A40W-3.0x1.0mm-SL successfully with price Au$41.32--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! G***g From Surry Hills Australia Ordered Genuine DELL DA90PE-100 LA90PE1-01 WK890 ADP-90VH B Slim AC Adapter 19.5V 4.62A For DELL INSPIRON D620 D630 1520 LATITUDE D830 E6500 LATITUDE D400 successfully with price Au$34.69--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! A***D From East Perth Australia Ordered CF-AA5713A CF-AA5713A M1 CF-AA5713A Adpate charger for Panasonic CF-31 CF-52 CF-53 successfully with price Au$40.97--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! G***r From West End Australia Ordered FSP040-RAB FSP 19V 2.1A Laptop AC Aapter, 40W FSP19V2.1A40W-5.5x2.5mm successfully with price Au$31.64--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! S***s From Mona Vale Australia Ordered FSP090-1ADC21 FSP 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Aapter, 90W FSP19V4.74A90W-5.5x2.5mm successfully with price Au$24.59--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! B***l From Fortitude Valley Australia Ordered ADP-90SB BB ASUS 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Aapter, 90W ASUS19V4.74A90W-5.5x2.5mm successfully with price Au$36.47--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! G***k From sydney Australia Ordered ADL40WCF LENOVO 20V 2A Laptop AC Aapter, 40W LENOVO20V2A40WUSB successfully with price Au$69.49--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! J***n From Deagon Australia Ordered 609919-001 HP 19V 7.89A Laptop AC Aapter, 150W HP19V7.89A150W-7.4x5.0mm successfully with price Au$50.92--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! C***d From East Bowral Australia Ordered Genuine ACER Iconia Tab A500 A100 A200 charger adapter PSA18R-120P 12V successfully with price Au$29.57--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! C***r From Brisbane Australia Ordered Genuine LG E1948S E2242C E2249 LG27EA33V-B E1948SX W1947CY FLATRON IPS277 SCREEN Power Supply successfully with price Au$26.33--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! T***N From CANLEY VALE Australia Ordered G530-4446-38M LENOVO 19V 3.42A Laptop AC Aapter, 65W LENOVO19V3.42A65W-5.5x2.5mm-Bone-type successfully with price Au$24.76--- Feb 2016

Congratulations! F***x From Melbourne Australia Ordered 19V E1948SX E1948S Monitor Power Supply For LG E1951S E2051S E2251T E2351T E2351VRT successfully with price Au$31.69--- Feb 2016


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