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AU  Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter
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Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter in Australia

  • Adapter Output Voltage: 18.5V
  • Adapter Output Current: 6.5A
  • Adapter Power: 120W
  • Dimension( L x W x H ):168*67*40mm
  • Weight ( Adapter only ):440g
  • Adapter Plug Size: 5.5*2.5mm
  • Original / Genuine : Yes
  • Package Inc.
     1 x AC Adapter
      1 x AU Power Cord
  • Total Sale: 23 Sold
  • In Stock
  • List Price: Au$ 75.80
  • You Pay:
    Au$ 59.88
    ( Updated: Jun 2018 )

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(Shipping Cost AU$5.98 in Australia)

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 Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter
  • This Laptop Charger Description:

Why we should use a original adapter Australia discount for AU  Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter  COMPAQ18.5V6.5A120W-5.5x2.5mm laptop charger, PSU, Laptop Battery Charger

Australia Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter

Compatible AC Adapter Numbers:

Difference On HP / Compaq Laptop Adapter Tip

 Difference Difference between HP / Compaq adapter tip

Fit Machine Model:

    BUSINESS SERIES: NX9100, NX9105, NX9110,

    HP PAVILION D SERIES: DG956AR, , DM788A, DM788AR, DM791AR, DP447U, DP448UR, DP764E, DP770E, DR762E,

    PRESARIO R3000 SERIES: R3004AP, , R3004US, R3005AP, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3009AP, R3011AP, R3013AP, R3001XX, R3014AP, R3002AP, R3016AP, R3005US, R3017AP, R3012AP, 3019CL, R3018AP, R3020US, R3019AP, R3030US, R3038CL, R3045US, R3050US, R3055US, R3060CA, R3056RS, R3103US, R3060US, R3120US, R3070US, R3160US, R3120CA, R3240US, R3128RS, R3140CA, R3140US, R3150US, R3190US, R3000, R3200CA, R3000t, R3202US, R3000z, R3230US, R3001AP, R3247US, R3001US, R3260US, R3002XX, R3290US, R3003AP,
    HP PAVILION D SERIES: DP769E, DR089U, DR340U, DR761E, DR768E, DR769E, DR770E, DT859U, DC924A, DC924AR, DC925A, DC925AR, DG956A, DG958A, DG958AR, DG959A, DG959AR, DM790A, DM790AR, DM791A, DM793A, DM793AR, DN730AV, DP446U, DP448U, DP761E, DP762E, DP763E, DP765E, DP766E, DP767E, DP768E,

    HP PAVILION ZD7000 SERIES: ZD7020US, , ZD7030US, ZD7101US, ZD7310CA, ZD7310CAF, ZD7360US, ZD7380CA, ZD7380US, ZD7012EA, ZD7058CL, ZD7310US, ZD7000, ZD7001US, ZD7005US, ZD7010CA, ZD7015US,

    PAVILION ZT SERIES: ZT3068CL, , ZT3070US, ZT3080US, ZT3068,

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    Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapter

     Genuine COMPAQ 18.5V 6.5A 120W Laptop ac adapterToday Australia Price: Au$ 59.88

    (Shipping Cost AU$5.98 in Australia)

    COMPAQ Replacement Laptop Batteries, Notebook Batteries


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