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AU  Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter
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Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter in Australia

  • Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz
  • Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
  • Adapter Output Current: 3.95A
  • Adapter Power: 75W
  • Dimension( L x W x H ):125.40 x 49.30 x 29.60mm
  • Weight ( Adapter only ):270g
  • Adapter Plug Size: 5.5x2.5mm
  • Original / Genuine : Yes
  • Package Inc.
     1 x AC Adapter
      1 x AU Power Cord
  • Total Sale: 23 Sold
  • In Stock
  • List Price: Au$ 47.62
  • You Pay:
    Au$ 37.62
    ( Updated: Jun 2018 )

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(Shipping Cost AU$5.98 in Australia)

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 Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter
  • This Laptop Charger Description:

Why we should use a original adapter Australia discount for AU  Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter  COMPAQ19V3.95A75W-5.5x2.5mm laptop charger, PSU, Laptop Battery Charger

Australia Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter

Compatible AC Adapter Numbers:

Difference On HP / Compaq Laptop Adapter Tip

 Difference Difference between HP / Compaq adapter tip

Fit Machine Model:

    COMPAQ PRESARIO: Presario 1200, Presario 1600, Presario 1700, Presario 1800,
    HP DOCKING SOLUTIONS: F1451C, F1452C, F1738A, F2025B, F4808A, F2096B, F3494A and F3494B,

    HP OMNIBOOK: OmniBook 2123T, , OmniBook 900, OmniBook 2124, OmniBook 900B, OmniBook 2124T, OmniBook 6000, OmniBook 2125, OmniBook 6000B, OmniBook 2125T, OmniBook 6000C, OmniBook 2126, OmniBook 6050 6100, OmniBook 2126T, OmniBook 7000, OmniBook 7100, OmniBook 2127, OmniBook 7103, OmniBook 2127T, OmniBook 7103T, OmniBook 2128, OmniBook 7150, OmniBook 2129, OmniBook XE, OmniBook 3000, OmniBook XE 4100, OmniBook 2100, OmniBook 3000CTX, OmniBook XE 4500, OmniBook 2101, OmniBook 3100, OmniBook XE-DA, OmniBook 2102, OmniBook 3101, OmniBook XE2, OmniBook 2103, OmniBook 3102, OmniBook XE2-DA, OmniBook 2104, OmniBook 3250, OmniBook XE2-DB, OmniBook 2105, OmniBook 4100, OmniBook XE2-DC, OmniBook 2106, OmniBook 4101, OmniBook XE2-DD, OmniBook 2111, OmniBook 4102, OmniBook XE2-DE, OmniBook 2112, OmniBook 4103, OmniBook XE2-DI, OmniBook 2113, OmniBook 4104, OmniBook XE3, OmniBook 2114, OmniBook 4105, OmniBook XE3L, OmniBook 2115, OmniBook 4106, OmniBook XE3-GC, OmniBook 2116, OmniBook 4107, OmniBook XE3-GD, OmniBook 2120, OmniBook 4108, OmniBook XE3-GF, OmniBook 2120T, OmniBook 4110, OmniBook XE3L-GF, OmniBook 2121, OmniBook 4111, OmniBook 2121T, OmniBook 4150, OmniBook 2122, OmniBook 4150B, OmniBook 2122T, OmniBook 500, OmniBook 2123, OmniBook 500B,

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    Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapter

     Genuine COMPAQ 19V 3.95A 75W Laptop ac adapterToday Australia Price: Au$ 37.62

    (Shipping Cost AU$5.98 in Australia)

    COMPAQ Replacement Laptop Batteries, Notebook Batteries


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