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Au certified items-Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES
Li-ion battery pack, 11.55V Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES
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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.55V
  • Battery Capacity: 4670mAh, 53Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Cells Amount: 6-Cells
  • Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
  • Description:Original / Genuine - 1 Year Warranty
  • Total Sale: 25 Sold
  • In Stock
  • Original Price: Au$ 107.84
  • Pay Now:
    Au$ 85.19
    ( Updated: May 2019 )

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Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES
( Free Shipping in Australia)

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 Australia discount for Au Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES Black

Australia Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES

Compatible Battery Models:

Fit Machine Model: ( For the right battery, Please offer your machine model if it is not list here. )

Aspire S 13, Aspire S 13 S5-371-52JR, Aspire S13 S5-371-53NX, Aspire S5-371-55AH160, Aspire S5-371-56VE160, Aspire S5-371-7278160, Aspire S5-371T-57WW160, Aspire S5-371T-76UX160, Aspirse S13 S5-371T-76TY, CB713-1W-P1EB, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-329V, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-36XR, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-50YY, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-57G8, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-C4PR, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-P1EB, Chromebook 13 CB713-1W-P1SN, Chromebook CB5-312T-K0YQ, Chromebook CB5-312T-K2LM, Chromebook CB5-312T-K3AJ, Chromebook CB5-312T-K822, Chromebook CB5-312T-K8V3, Chromebook CB5-312T-K9F6, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K2L7, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K39W, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K3S1, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K65A, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K6TF, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K9KT, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-316P, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-31UU, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-39C5, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-52TK, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NF, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-54GA, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-55HT, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-5791, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-594K, Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-5979, Chromebook SPIN 15 CP315-1H-C011, Chromebook Spin 15 CP315-1H-C43V, Chromebook SPIN 15 CP315-1H-C7Q1, Chromebook Spin 15 CP315-1H-P1K8, Chromebook Spin 15 CP315-1H-P2PA, Chromebook Spin 15 Cp315-1h-P303, Chromebook Spin 15 CP315-1H-P8QY, CP713-1WN-55HT, Predator PT715-51-72J6, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-709K, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-70Q2, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-71PP, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-71W9, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-73A0, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-73ZP, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-74J2, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-75EG, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-76BB, Predator Triton 700 PT715-51-775U, PT715-51-70B6, PT715-51-70Q2, PT715-51-70UE, PT715-51-7100, PT715-51-71UZ, PT715-51-727N, PT715-51-72HE, PT715-51-732Q, PT715-51-74X8, PT715-51-762Q, PT715-51-76CV, PT715-51-78D1, PT715-51-79D2, PT715-51-A76Y, S5-371-35BV, SF114-32-C5WC, SF514-51-56BX, SF514-51-740J, SF514-51-760M, SF514-51-780R, SP513-52N-36P7, SP513-52N-53Y6, SP513-52N-57DT, SP513-52N-58ZF, SP513-52N-8205, SP513-52N-84D4, SP513-52N-84Q5, SP513-52N-862L, SP513-52N-899A, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-31LM, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-50XR, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-535G, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-57WG, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-81C6, Spin 5 Pro SP513-52NP-8393, Spin 5 SP513-52N-5210, Spin 5 SP513-52N-53Y6, Spin 5 SP513-52N-54SF, Spin 5 SP513-52N-57DT, Spin 5 SP513-52N-58ZF, Spin 5 SP513-52N-8205, Spin 5 SP513-52N-84D4, Spin 5 SP513-52N-856S, Spin 5 SP513-52N-87Q4, Spin 5 SP513-52N-899A, Spin 5 SP513-52NP-33HF, Spin 5 SP513-52NP-511T, Spin 5 SP513-52NP-544L, Spin 5 SP513-52NP-57EV, Spin 5 SP513-52NP-583A, SPIN 5 SP513-52NP-82VZ, Spin 5 SP513-53N, Spin 5 SP513-53N-52HJ, Spin 5 SP513-53N-5373, Spin 5 SP513-53N-54FG, Spin 5 SP513-53N-56CR, Spin 5 SP513-53N-70DT, Spin 5 SP513-53N-75QU, Spin 5 SP513-53N-77EJ, Spin 5 SP513-53N-77LV, Swift 1 SF114-32-C10N, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-C26W, Swift 1 SF114-32-C2NL, Swift 1 SF114-32-C3N6, Swift 1 SF114-32-C3TF, Swift 1 SF114-32-C55V, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-C5WC, Swift 1 SF114-32-C61Y, Swift 1 SF114-32-C7F5, Swift 1 SF114-32-P0L3, Swift 1 SF114-32-P0Z5, Swift 1 SF114-32-P186, Swift 1 SF114-32-P1P6, Swift 1 SF114-32-P1S3, Swift 1 SF114-32-P281, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P2MS, Swift 1 SF114-32-P2PK, Swift 1 SF114-32-P2QF, Swift 1 SF114-32-P30S, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P31S, Swift 1 SF114-32-P3AG, Swift 1 SF114-32-P3JM, Swift 1 SF114-32-P3VU, Swift 1 SF114-32-P494, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P4BK, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P4NN, Swift 1 SF114-32-P57N, Swift 1 SF114-32-P5FA, Swift 1 SF114-32-P5FF, Swift 1 SF114-32-P60X, Swift 1 SF114-32-P64K, Swift 1 SF114-32-P6M2, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P6SW, Swift 1 SF114-32-P6W9, Swift 1 SF114-32-P6XL, Swift 1 SF114-32-P77B, Swift 1 SF114-32-P80Y, Swift 1 SF114-32-P85N, Swift 1 SF114-32-P8GG, Swift 1 SF114-32-P8HV, Swift 1 SF114-32-P8MU, Swift 1 SF114-32-P8VP, SWIFT 1 SF114-32-P8ZN, Swift 1 SF114-32-P91N, Swift 1 SF114-32-P9MX, Swift 1 SF114-32-P9PM, Swift 1 SF114-32-P9UZ, Swift 5 SF514-51-530G, Swift 5 SF514-51-56BX, Swift 5 SF514-51-59AV, Swift 5 SF514-51-760M, SWIFT 5 SF514-51-77C5, Swift 5 SF514-51-780R, Swift 5 SF515-51T, Swift 5 SF515-51T-500F, Swift 5 SF515-51T-52YA, Swift 5 SF515-51T-53W8, Swift 5 SF515-51T-54AF, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-54VR, Swift 5 SF515-51T-54W9, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-55ZM, Swift 5 SF515-51T-57XE, Swift 5 SF515-51T-58RV, Swift 5 SF515-51T-58UX, Swift 5 SF515-51T-7024, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-70NV, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-70UX, Swift 5 SF515-51T-7176, Swift 5 SF515-51T-71L2, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-73QP, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-73TY, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-74PG, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-75A1, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-76B6, SWIFT 5 SF515-51T-77CM,
Acer Aspire S13 Series
Aspire S13 S5-371, Aspire S13 S5-371-5018, Aspire S13 S5-371-52JR, Aspire S13 S5-371-563C, Aspire S13 S5-371-71QZ, Aspire S13 S5-371-76GS, Aspire S13 S5-371-76WD,
Acer Aspire S5 Series
Aspire S5-371-52UK, Aspire S5-371-5693, Aspire S5-371-572Z, Aspire S5-371-5744, Aspire S5-371-597C, Aspire S5-371-70P9, Aspire S5-371-71QZ, Aspire S5-371-72W0, Aspire S5-371-74YU, Aspire S5-371-757T, Aspire S5-371-767P, Aspire S5-371-76H0, Aspire S5-371T, Aspire S5-371T-537V, Aspire S5-371T-58CC, Aspire S5-371T-76CY,
Acer Chromebook R13 Series
ACER CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES, ACER SWIFT 5 SERIES, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K0YK, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K5X4, Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K8Z9, Chromebook R13 CB5312T, Chromebook R13 CB5312TK0YK, Chromebook R13 CB5312TK5X4, Chromebook R13 CB5312TK8Z9, SF514-51-558U, SF514-51-77S5, SF51451558U, SF5145177S5, Spin 5 SP513-52N, Spin 5 SP51352N, Swift 5.

Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES

Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIESToday's Price: Au$ 85.19

(Free Shipping in Australia)

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Genuine ACER AP15O5L AP1505L Battery For CHROMEBOOK R13 SERIES
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